Friday, September 24, 2010

Travelling With Adult Toys

At Motella, we tackle those big "Elephant-in-the-room" issues.

The subject of Adult Toys is something that pops-up in the motel industry from time-to-time. The odd one gets left behind at our motel and like other lost property they are bagged, tagged and stored for 6-months.

One of the funniest sights we have seen was the look of shock and horror of one of our motel housekeepers when we explained to her what the large pink, torpedo shaped item that she found left behind in a room was. Unfortunately she dutifully presented her find to us after nonchalantly entering our reception area waving the object in the air as we were checking-in a bemused guest.

So for the benefit of our dear readers that do not wish to cause embarrassment to others on their travels we have scoured the dark recesses of the interweb and have found some handy tips on travelling with adult toys.

Apparently the first important consideration is packing the cache of battery powered devices that you wish to keep private  by burying them in the deepest crevice of your checked luggage. Please do not leave these in full display for motel housekeeping staff to view. This causes a huge disruption to their work-flow.

If travelling by aircraft, a suggestion is to pack light and leave your favorite larger, bulkier equipment at home and make full use of your carry-on baggage. And remember to always check the carry-on limit rule for liquids as they also apply to accompanying lubricants.

It is also advisable to label the said items, not by their cute pet-names - but for the function that they dutifully carry out. This is especially relevant to those highly technical complicated devices that others may mistake for some sort of bomb threat. There is nothing worse than causing a ruckus when "your beloved companion" is discovered by an over zealous officer in an airport security check. 

Remember to always remove the batteries as Murphy's Law dictates that a sex toy will always accidentally turn its self on during transit at the most awkward moment. An even worse scenario is arriving at your destination after an excruciating journey, looking forward to some "alone time" and finding that your travel companion has discharged all of its battery power.

When making a sex toy purchase, regular travellers should always choose products with a lock feature.

And the most important recommendation is NOT to leave these items behind in your motel room. After a long evening of getting to know yourself, please remember to pack your midnight massager, otherwise the motel owner might send you a bill for the therapy required for the housekeeper that discovers your lost property under the bed in your room after your departure. 

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