Monday, September 20, 2010

The V8 Hotel

We have often ranted against Luddites that wish to inflict their guilt and restrict others the freedom of travel. For similar reasons, we have rallied against the current trend of car companies becoming apologists for their products with promoting social virtues above style and function by feminizing their brands.

We are unashamedly car nuts and believe that the car is the ultimate prize of commercialism that unlocks the freedom to travel for the majority. We need to rid ourselves of the senseless eco-guilt and celebrate the benefits of living in a modern, mobile society while burning carbon.

Cars are a magical combination of ego, beauty, sex form and function and New Zealand has the perfect environment to enjoy the journey.

Out of blatant self-interest, we need the public to get passionate about cars again. We need them to fall in love, get behind the wheel and enjoy the journey - while stopping off at a few motels along the way;-) 

...That's why we love the concept of the V8 Hotel in Germany. 

If you happen to find yourself traveling in or around Stuttgart, you might want to stop in at the appropriately named, V8 Hotel. A 34 room shrine for the auto obsessed among us to pause and get close and personal in a handful of suites that are themed-up.

These Germans don't seem to be restricted by tree-hugging hippies and celebrate the fun of travel alongside the engineering marvels of man with just a hint of tackiness;-)

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