Monday, September 13, 2010

Jasons Travel Media Apologises

We see that Jasons Travel Media is feeling the enviro-guilt of printing 5.7 million guides.

In a tweet sent to followers today, Jasons announced that they will be lessening their hand-wringing angst by giving away native tree seeds to their advertisers:
Sorry Jasons - we appreciate your work and have a nostalgic respect for your company, however we call-out any tourism business that champions the politically correct, fashionable trend of corporate social responsibility with naff gestures.

We say that no business should shrink and apologise for its core business. Man-up and have pride in what you do. Printing 5.7 million guides is impressive, so why not stand up and be proud of this fact.

Business should not be seen as a social welfare adjunct. The best “social” role for any business is to meet consumers' needs in the most efficient manner and this is how capitalism has raised living standards to the level we enjoy today. 

We respectfully request that you keep your native trees earmarked for us and credit our account instead;-)

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