Saturday, September 11, 2010

The Right Social Media

We see that the Right Network launched this week.

Here's what founder, David Jaget has to say:
At RIGHTNETWORK we have created an entertainment television network for Right-Minded people. RIGHTNETWORK will have a presence on the web (Right Here), your mobile device and, yes, your television.

What is "Right-Minded" you ask? It is all that is Right with the world. We'll appeal to those among us who are thoughtful and reserved, as well as the bold and brash. At RIGHTNETWORK.COM you'll find programming, commentary, and lifestyle sections in addition to a mix of personalities not seen on any other network. Here you’ll find a fresh daily perspective that is unapologetically American. Everything will be presented with humor, insight, wit, and an optimistic turn.
Popular actor Kelsey Grammer best known for his television roles on Cheers and Frasier has alienated himself from the left-leaning, Prius driving, Hollywood elite by investing and fronting the network.

We like the "alternative" independent mantra of the network and the delivery of quality content via websites and social media.

It should be interesting to follow:

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