Monday, September 13, 2010

Shhh Motel

We have featured many different concepts in commercial accommodation including properties that feature Theme Rooms, a wacky property that promotes a Hamster Lifestyle and properties that are just plain Weird.

What about a motel that caters for folk that have just robbed a bank? On the run from a drug deal gone bad? Or looking for a place to spend some quality time with the neighbor's wife? We have found an ideal accommodation concept property that specializes in catering for folk that demand the utmost discretion - The Shhh Motel
"Shhh …. Discretion is our Motto

This new concept in hotels that has been designed exclusively with privacy in mind and to offer an unforgettable stay in the company of your partner or on your own.

On the outskirts of town and with excellent connections to the main roads and future airport, this 4 star motel offers the intimacy necessary to relax and unwind at the end of the day.

A unique environment where the most important things are your privacy and comfort.

Go ahead, follow the arrows and discover more about Shhh Motel."
Bookings can be conveniently made in 12 or 24 hour allotments and all rooms feature King sized beds, LCD TV, adjustable LED lighting, private terrace and the obligatory jacuzzi. OK, the concept sort of follows the MO of Love Motels prominently found in Asia, but we love the mystery, the edgy design and the understated style that you can view on their quirky website HERE. 

He's a step through of the check in process:

Discreetly enter the underground car park in your car

There you will fond the AUTO CHECK IN PANEL: Follow the instructions on the machine until you have completed your reservation. You will be able to choose your room, length of stay and other details.
Once the check in is completed a map will appear on the screen to show you how to get to your private garage and you will observe that only your room number will be lit up and your garage door open.

Enter the garage of your room, press the button to close the door and prepare to enjoy your stay at the Shhh Motel.

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