Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Extreme Motel Video 3

So far, it's been another busy week at the motel and the day-job has distracted me away from my therapy blog. Today seems to be the perfect opportunity for a "short-time" visit to one of our favourite accommodation chains, Wego Motels. 

This quirky and crazy Taiwanese accommodation chain has taken this hottest trend in online marketing and ramped it up to another level. While most accommodation marketers are content with a 90-second video grab, Wego Motels have produced a series of obscure, soft-porn mini-movies that capture the essence of their brand.

The creepy "Scentless Soap" is aimed at young men, to advertise that Wego Motels offers many small touches to help them avoid difficult situations eg: suspicious wives who might pick up a strange soap smell on their man...

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