Thursday, April 7, 2011

Motel Stripper "No Show"

Moteliers all know the frustration and angst of a "Now Show" so it was with some satisfaction that I read a news story about a motel guest's brain explosion when a reservation he made with an in-room entertainment service didn't bother to front. 

A man checked-in to a Wisconsin motel with the expectation he would be joined later by a pair of strippers for a freebie performance after spending $1,000 on lap dances at the On The Border gentleman's club. Arrangements were made with two women to visit the man in the privacy of his motel room for complimentary lap dances, however they neglected show-up. 

Not being one to take it lying down, the indignant motel guest, called the police to claim that he had been cheated.

While it doesn’t appear that police took his complaint seriously, the story did leak to the press, so we can all get a good laugh about it.

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