Thursday, April 7, 2011

PSA Social Media FAIL

We are amused that the one aspect of the blogosphere that the left are unable to cope with is the the inability of control and censure.

So it was with great surprise that Labour's cheerleaders, the PSA decided to open up a digital network that allowed non-card carrying members of the general public to gatecrash.

In a radical gesture of inspiration and blind assumption that everybody thinks anti-government sentiments like they do, the PSA set up the "nice to have" website where the it was assumed that the public would assemble in an orderly queue to poke fun at the government by generating ironic Tui Style posters.

Thanks to a few spirited VRWC bloggers publicising this brave new initiative, non-PSA members and other unscrupulous folk were directed to the website to share their own views of the world that were a little different from the PSA's narrow centralist outlook.

In a social media FAIL, we see that the PSA have quickly responded and disabled the site so that no further "objectionable" views can be shared.

We have no doubt that the small collective of PSA employee boffins that were responsible for authorising an open market forum where folk were are able to freely share ideas better have their whanau-support and councilor teams on standby for tomorrow's disciplinary meeting.

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