Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Is This Another Social Media FAIL For The Left?

Goodness me, those scalawag VRWC bloggers are poking fun at yet another left-wing social media campaign that has all the promise to follow in the footsteps of the PSA's recent experimental FAIL. 

Labour have launched a Stop Sign cam­paign that involves placing simplistic slogans on stop signs to ensure that they are able to effectively communicate with their dwindling special-needs followers.

Whaleoil is leading a mischievous counter-campaign to encourage folk on social networks to change their avatar and then go and “like” Labour’s Facebook page.

Being a serious blog, you wont see us recommending that others join VRWC's counter-campaign for the sake of agitating a few pinkos. It would be a boorish and childish thing to do...

However here are a few ideas just in case:

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