Saturday, April 23, 2011

Is this the world's worst guest?

We have had all sorts of odd items left behind by guests at our motel.

We've had a life-like doll that sent one of our poor housekeepers into a blind panic, a shotgun, large wads of cash, a dealers bag of dope and various adult toys to name a few... We  assume that most of these items were left in error, however I was amused read about a comedian seems to have a fetish about sending housekeeping staff into orbit by purposely leaving disturbing surprises behind. 

I've never heard of comedian, Bert Kreischer, but I will sure to look out for him if he happens to make a reservation at one of my motels.

Images of Kreischer's creepy creations that are ritualistically left in guest rooms at hotels around the world are regularly posted on his Twitter page.

While some may believe that Kreischer's art form is a sad cry for help from a perverted, sadistic madman; we are simply amused and will be following his exploits with great interest.

Here are some our our favourites:   

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