Sunday, April 3, 2011

Hotels Cold-Shoulder Charlie Sheen

We are fans of Charlie Sheen and are impressed with him keeping true to the brand by never venturing out of character with his real-life drinking, smoking womanising and hell-raising. 

From time to time brands need a little freshening-up, so Sheen elevated his self-destructive "manic" persona to a whole new level that prompted his high profile sacking from being the world's highest paid actor on Two and a Half Men. Sheen then turned to social media as a platform to rant and to provide an ego-enhancing channel to his fan-base. Along the way he has gained a million Facebook fans and three million followers on Twitter that are going along for a voyeuristic journey. We assume that most devotees want to be there at the end to witness Sheen's train wreck, however how long are they going to stay loyal before the novelty of Sheen's latest persona wears thin? 

The trouble is that Sheen's new venture may not be paying-off for him. Having millions of adoring fans on social networks is all very well, however any direct financial reward seems to be from publicising his live, one man show "My Violent Torpedo of Truth" and hawking T-shirts.

We appreciate that Sheen has always been an enthusiastic and loyal supporter of the accommodation industry as his off-screen career enhancing activities usually take place in hotels. 

Sheen's most recent widely reported hotel-based shenanigans took place at the the Plaza Hotel in New York where accompanied with a budding young porn actress, he proceeded to get drunk, high on cocaine and naked before trashing the room.

We were amused to read that the accommodation providers have given Sheen a reality check. The bad-boy actor that is about to embark on his "My Violent Torpedo of Truth" show tour of the USA is struggling to find accommodation for himself and gaggle of groupies. Not surprisingly hotels don't want a bar of him! 

While I enjoy following the exploits of Sheen, I wouldn't want a chain-smoking nut-case known for late-night antics and not always being respectful of hotel property to stay at my premises either ;-)

 Oops! Looks like the Sheen-machine is finally breaking down as the opening "My Violent Torpedo of Truth" show doesn't go down too well.... click HERE for more.

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