Friday, April 8, 2011

Travel Freaks

As we slide into the cooler months I've planed a few breaks away from the motel in order to escape the monotony of running a 7-days a week business in the provinces. I intend to spend a bit of time lurking about in airports and have found the perfect digital accessory that will increase the entertainment value.

It's called Freakjet:
" is your hub for airport freakspotting. It was founded by four guys in a bar complaining about the drudgery of airline travel. FreakJet's purpose is to give you something to keep you entertained while you wait at your gate for a flight that is probably oversold and delayed. You'll get to see, vote on, and even upload the freakiest people you can find at airports.
Two rules: first, don't bother sending us photos of individuals who are physically or mentally challenged. It's mean, won't get published, and will guarantee you a first class ticket to Hell. Have a soul, willya? Second, no hate speech or profanity. There's way too much hate in the world and we're not going to add to it. Other than that, we'd love to see your pics of "interesting" people who pass your way on the jetway.
FreakJet is not in any way affiliated with or endorsed by any airlines or airports. We're pretty sure they're glad we're not...
So come sign up and fly the freaky skies! Invite your friends too and build your own flight crew!"
I've downloaded the obligatory iPhone Ap: HERE.

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