Monday, July 23, 2012

Air NZ's NEW Livery Revealed

I see that Air New Zealand have finally announced the revamp of their livery. From next year the the iconic Pacific Jade (Teal) and Global Dark Blue corporate colours will be replaced with

The distinctive koru will remain.

The freshening of the brand will also include a new font used on the airlines logo:

I've got mixed feelings about the new "less is more"style. There seems to be no middle ground with the use of black as a style statement - it can either be refined and styley or plain and boring. 

The New Zealand public still feel passionate about the majority government owned airline and will be quick to make judgement. Painting it black is probably a "safe" option for the airline that seems to have chosen the line of least resistance. 

It will be interesting how Air New Zealand's new black and white livery will compare when parked up amongst other airlines that have a rainbow of multi-coloured designs.

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