Friday, July 20, 2012

Pam Corkery To Share Her Business Wisdom?

The conference season continues, with the most imminent being next week's Motel Association of NZ's annual get together.

After an unprecedented tough year, an intimate crowd of moteliers will be looking forward to gather together in Wellington to network, be better informed and seek inspiration.

So who is the person that moteliers will be looking to provide leadership and motivation? Who will stand at the lectern in front of weary small-business owners and stimulate debate, open minds, offer encouragement and propose an innovative pathway forward.

Ladies and gentleman, we present....Pam Corkery!

Pam Corkery's colourful CV includes a flirtation with journalism, standing for the Auckland mayoralty, part-time talk back radio host and getting in the back-door of parliament as list MP for the loony-left-wing Alliance Party.

More recently, she has attracted the irk of a prominent blogger that ridiculed her bogan-lefty stance of supporting the public blindly picking up the tab for Aussie V8 racing at Pukekohe.

What does Pam Corkery possibly have in common with a room full of moteliers?

Well, for a start she has a vast life-experience (most moteliers are also in their senior years). She has had that well-publicised long-term battle with the bottle (moteliers are known to like a drink). And she has had more than a few attempts at finding that ideal mate (moteliers know the difficulties of maintaining a harmonious relationship).

Perhaps the most commonality that Pam Corkery has with moteliers is her burning desire to operate a successful business that rents out rooms....

So is it appropriate for a foul-mouth, self-opinionated pinko that has anti-business political leanings be invited to address a room full of private business owners...?

Absolutely! - I hate to admit it, but I reckon she'll be the most entertaining speaker at the MANZ conference!

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