Thursday, July 19, 2012

Obama - You're wrong!

In this world we have two camps of people - Producers and non-producers.

The Producer generates their own energy and converts this into goods and services. The goods and services produced and the price they are exchanged for in an open market is determined by competition and consumer demand.

The Producer is the creator of money, jobs and wealth. The producer's own efforts produce goods and services that add value and enhance society. Producers are the good guys - in fact they are the heroes of society.

Non-producers rely on Producers to survive. They are the bad guys that loathe, restrict and leach off the productive.

We will always have non-producers in our society, the trouble is containing this sub-set of society to manageable levels as they grow in size and vote for more. As an example, in New Zealand we have 56.5 percent of households that pay net tax and subsidise the other 43.5 percent of New Zealand households that are net beneficiaries of government funding.

The heaving masses are being hoodwinked into believing that central planning by bureaucrats and imposts upon producers is the solution to economic salvation. As anyone that takes notice in High School economics will tell you - Governments do not create money, jobs and wealth - private enterprise (producers) do.

It was concerning that United States community organizer, Barack Obama recently bared his contempt for his nation's producers that have risked their own stake and earned their wealth:
"If you’ve got a business — you didn’t build that. Somebody else made that happen.”
A day later, in order to make himself identify with the common-folk, Obama shared fond memories of his family holidays, staying at American private enterprise hotel-motel chain, Howard Johnson’s
“And the exciting thing for me was if there was any kind of swimming pool — it didn’t matter how big it was. And then after you spend the whole day swimming, then you’d go to the vending machine, get a soda and a bucket of ice.”
It just so happens that Howard Johnson’s (Hojos) is an iconic American accommodation chain that was built by courageous entrepreneurs. They were producers that earned their riches by creating a franchised accommodation chain of motels and hotels that helped revolutionise travel and create wealth for franchise owners and thousands of jobs.

Hojos - we salute you. 

And if you are receiving remuneration from a willing private sector - thanks to you too for contributing to the building blocks of a society with the living standards we enjoy today! 

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