Friday, July 13, 2012

Hotel Scam

It's been a busy day. 

So busy, that I haven't had time to respond to the following email.

Please feel free to answer this on my behalf...
From: Beck william []
Sent: Friday, 13 July 2012 8:59 a.m.
Subject: Reservations for Guests..Rooms needed

Reservations for Guests..Rooms needed
Dear Reservation Desk/Manger,

My name is Beck William and i am a site engineer for an oil firm. Currently i am offshore drilling and i need to make reservation for 4 of my clients/Guests who are coming to your country.I will need you to book accommodation for them for below dates


Kindly send me the cost for the entire stay as i will want to settle the payment immediately with my credit card for entire stay for the 4 guests. Also i will need you to help me pay for the travel ticket (flight ticket fares) to the travel agent who will issue their air tickets once funds are received. Please note that due to the fact that the travel agent just relocated to another city he is not yet set-up for credit card payments.

That is the reason i will need you to make the charges for the flight ticket also to my credit card and transfer the funds to the agent once the funds are cleared into your bank account. Please note that i will be compensating you for all your troubles in regards to bank charges and transportation in the course of doing the transfers. I will pay you additional $800 for all your efforts and transfer charges.

I will be waiting for your swift response to send you guest names . NB. Flight tickets fare is $4500, your commission is $900. So will need accommodation totals to make payments for all charges.

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