Friday, November 5, 2010

Air NZ's Rico Accused of "Verbal Rape"

Thanks to Busted Blonde, we see that Hazel Phillips in her NBR article is crying foul over Rico - a potty-mouthed puppet that is the controversial new social media ambassador of our majority government owned national air carrier. 

As a stand alone effort, Rico could be seen as missing the mark or even lame, however we are titivated with the schoolboy humour and admire that Air New Zealand is willing to take a risk by shunning political correctness. Rico's risqué campaign has gained him a fan base of thousands on Facebook and YouTube. 

In her blistering article, Ms Phillips gets somewhat prissy, precious and hysterical: 
"The first time I saw the ads, I sort of half-laughed. Since then, I’ve felt vaguely uncomfortable about them, but I couldn’t quite put my finger on it. However, the terms “verbal rape” and “indecent communication” describe the filthy muppet to a tee.
Air New Zealand has kindly created a verbal rapist and let him loose upon the world."
Thanks to her article, Ms Phillips has provided a positive boost to the Rico promotion.

In the following candid interview with Jaquie Brown, the misunderstood intrepid traveller, Rico shows his more sensitive side as he promotes his new book "Beating off the track"

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