Monday, November 1, 2010

Mile-high romp probe

Travel and sex seem to go together, however some folk can't seem to wait until they arrive at their destination and check into a motel.

We are pleased to discover that the "Mile-High" Club is remains a relevant and worthy institution with prospects still lining-up to pass the initiation.

Australia's Herald Sun breathlessly reported in the weekend that a Qantas employee and a male passenger are being investigated by the airline after partaking in some mutual one-on-one champagne-fueled in-flight entertainment. 
 "It was reported that the pair were sitting side by side in business class on a Melbourne-Los Angeles flight on October 6 when passion got the better of them.

The woman, not a flight attendant, was travelling to the US on a discounted staff ticket and drank several glasses of champagne before the incident. 

The fondling began when the cabin lighting was turned down during the 11-hour trip. Other passengers complained the pair tried to hide the encounter beneath a blanket. 

The pair were ordered to desist by the senior flight attendant, then ordered to sit in different sections of the plane. 

Qantas would only say: "The matter is being dealt with. The employee has returned to work."
With the employee embedded back at work, maybe Qantas now have their own version of Air New Zealand's Rico? 

Can't wait for Qantas to start their own risqué social media campaign;-)

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