Thursday, November 4, 2010

Is Hillary Staying At Your Motel?

We cringe as former first lady, Hillary Clinton is fawned over on her New Zealand visit. 

You remember Hillary? She was a former First Lady that was so intoxicated with the whiff of power that she happily dodged self-pride to stand behind her philandering embarrassment of a husband. 

Now as a presidential loser, she is happy to stand behind Obama holding his man-bag while the the "greatest country on earth" is reduced to its knees by the cult of collectivism. But we shouldn't be surprised, as Hillary's greatest gift to the world was flogging an insidious proverb that has become a socialist calling card: "It takes a village to raise a child."

As Obama suffers the worst election drubbing since 1938, maybe New Zealand is a great place for a high profile Democrat to hang-out at the moment.

We are unsure which motels Hillary has booked for her short Kiwi holiday, however we suggest that if moteliers are blessed with her presence, they should take a swipe of her credit card before they allow her to check-in.

She has an MO of expecting others to pay...

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