Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Edgy Hotel Promotion

The Chambers in Minneapolis describes itself as a boutique, luxury "art hotel." It sounds all very cutting edge and windswept so when they do a promotion they do things a little differently.

Fledgling advertising agency Barrie D'Rozario Murphy must have thanked their lucky stars when they landed the Chambers Hotel account. Usual boundaries were removed and there was an opportunity to provoke, be controversial and take a risk.

What they produced was an award winning 30-minute budget video shot over a weekend that recreated hotel surveillance video scenes with a twist. 

As expected with a hotel surveillance video, most public areas of the hotel were featured, however  the interiors of guest rooms were also on show. Actors were used for voyeuristic scenes that included: embracing, making love, fighting, taking a bath, working out, wearing a clown outfit and interacting with a goat.

The video was then looped on the large monitors in the bar of the hotel.

This produced expected outrage, fascination and intrigue for the bemused bar patrons that were transfixed to see what would happen next.  The concept for the film was to boost bar traffic.

Mission accomplished.

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