Thursday, November 11, 2010

Sex Movie Hotel

A fellow motelier and special friend of "Motella" has sent us an article about Swedish porn mogul, Berth Milton. Quite rightly, he was most concerned about competing with a new cutting edge trend that is about to be indroduced to the accommodation industry...

I must admit that in my sheltered world I have never heard of Berth Milton, however I was instantly impressed with someone described as a "porn mogul" and a Swedish one at that! 

Apparently Milton took over the family business, Private Media from his father. Milton Snr had the distinction of publishing the first commercial full-colour hardcore pornographic magazine in 1965 and Milton Jr made his own unique mark by being one of the first to successfully peddle x-rated DVD movies.

Sadly the porn business is going through some tough times and Milton's business model is being somewhat compromised with a flood of freely available porn now available on the internet.

Not content to rest on his laurels, Milton has come up with the visionary idea of getting into the hotel business and giving away rooms for free - with an innovative twist.

Milton envisions opening up to 100 five-star hotels where couples can stay for free in exchange for allowing his company, Private Media to film their in-room indiscretions to broadcast over the internet. 

Milton has estimated that a single hotel could generate $43.8 million annually in subscriptions to spectators watching at home.

Sounds brilliant! However we are unsure if grappling couples will have to share facilities with a film crew or if static web cams will be used? Also unclear is what would happen if guests are unable to perform? Just imagine the indignity of fronting up at check-out, only to be told that your two and a half minute performance wasn't quite good enough to stay free!

Milton is emphatic that his hotels maintain an air of class and sophistication with all explicit acts to be performed behind closed doors - albeit in front of cameras broadcast to a paying voyeuristic audience of millions. 

I guess we can now be wary of accommodation complexes offering free rooms...

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