Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Dissed By Facebook

Thanks for the folks that have advised us that our Facebook site has suddenly disappeared.

Without warning, our site must have been taken down yesterday supposedly due to "Violation(s) of Facebook's Statement of Rights and Responsibilities."

This is a shame as we enjoyed this medium and had built up a great community. We would like to think that Facebook flicked the switch  because we are cool and radical renegades pushing the limits of social media, however we suspect that in reality we have been tripped up on some obscure technicality.

In spite of being unilaterally shut down without notice, we plan to return to Facebook in good time and will keep you informed of future developments... 

We have been contacted by a travel industry icon that has kindly suggested that our removal from Facebook may have been part of a wider glich on Tuesday that anecdotally has only affected female Facebook users... Sheesh, didn't Facebook detect my manly mustache.
Read more about the Facebook bug HERE.

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