Saturday, November 13, 2010

Viral Marketing Gets Interactive

Burger King's Subservient Chicken campaign is unique as it's been going since 2001. This broke new ground in viral web marketing and its conception was (and still is) very clever. The public can type in any command and a "live" man in a chicken suit performs most actions.

If you type-in any deviant behavior commands, the chicken wanders up to the camera a wags a stern finger at you (obviously I never did this!). Even though the campaign is showing it's age it is still addictive.

Meet its successor: the Tipp-Ex bear, that takes web viral marketing to the next level.

Play the following video and when prompted start getting interactive by determining the outcome. Try typing in "loves," "eats," "washes," "feeds," "tickles" AND "erases."

You can waste 20 minutes and join the millions that are captivated by these campaigns. Will you become more engaged with these brands and subconsciously start purchasing their products?

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