Monday, March 26, 2012

Adding Value

I still get a thrill by selling rooms. I even get a shot of adrenalin by cross-selling added-value items to guests staying at our motel. The good-old motel breakfast can be a lucrative sell that is often appreciated by guests. There are other items that we sell more passively, such as wine, charge-back meals and purchases from our vending machine that give our motel tariff a power-boost. 

I've been thinking lately about other complementary items I could flog-off add value to my guests' stay. Naturally I instantly turned to the great oracle that is Google for some inspiration. A quick search revealed all sorts of different products for consideration and as usual I soon found myself lurking around the dark corners of the internet...

The Hard Rock Hotel and Casino, Las Vegas seems to understand about adding-value to their guests' stay by giving them what they want. They have added a "Get Love" menu in all their guest rooms and sell a range of erotic adult themed items.

Hard Rock guests that wish to spend a night confined to their room can order handy items from room service such as a peek-a-boo bra for $48, a skimpy French-maid-style outfit - $98, a  blindfold - $30 and rabbit-fur handcuffs - $36. 

So the obvious questions is: What's the best selling item? Not surprisingly, it's the "Turn Me On Vibrating Panties" for a mere $146.

Adult accessories is not a conversation I wish to enter into while eyeballing my guests, so this is definitely a no-go area for me. However with New Zealand's hotel and motel tariff languishing near the bottom in a recent comparison of 22-countries, maybe this could be a goer for other accommodation providers needing to increase sales income?

Is this a scene that we'll be regularly seeing in Kiwi hotels and motels anytime soon?

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