Friday, March 9, 2012

Motel Blackmail

A motel room can be a sanctuary.  The rooms are small, orderly and spotlessly clean. As a guest enters a motel room the door can be closed behind and act as a barrier from the madness of an increasingly chaotic world. 

For an accommodation provider, the contract with a guest is to provide accommodation and related services in return for consideration. Part of the gig is that the accommodation provider should never compromise a guest's right to privacy.

Essentially there is an unwritten rule that an accommodation provider will act with the utmost discretion and respect the concept of "what goes on tour, stays on tour." In return the guest has certain obligations - what goes on between the walls of a motel room is up to the occupant, but this is subject to them acting in a manner that does not cause disturbance to others and not leaving behind an unreasonable mess or wrecking anything!

Guests' privacy is paramount, however sometimes motels can get it wrong.

I see that a motel in Taiwan has broken the rule of discretion after one of its staff members was charged with attempting to blackmail a hapless guest. Those quirky Taiwainese folk from Next Media have kindly provided an animated account of the titivating tale:

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