Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Reality TV Motel

Here's a recipe for disaster and a titillating tale worthy of a reality TV show.

A millionaire father purchases a motel in Warrnambool, Victoria Australia for his son and daughter aged 25 and 27 to cut their teeth on.

The generous dad paid $AUD 755,000 for the Best Western All Seasons Motor Inn and things soon started to unravel with incompetent management that lead to corruption. 

An online review gives some inkling of the chaos that ensued after the siblings took over: 
"Absolutely DISGUSTING!!!

If you have stayed here before and liked it, be WARNED that the ownership has changed hands since MAY '11.
With mould ridden bathrooms and rooms I wasn't at all surprised they were offering cheap rooms only to find that when we were checking out, the management tried to charge us exactly TWICE what we were supposed to pay. When i refused, stating that the price quoted was half what he was trying to charge me, he adamantly said i couldn't leave without paying the amount. Inspite of paying a much higher amount than quoted, his "Thanks for staying with us" was replaced by "DONT COME BACK AGAIN" (What makes him think i will anyway??)
The motel business was eventually sold in a fire-sale for $AUD 180,000.

The father is no longer on speaking terms with his siblings, his son and daughter have received suspended jail sentences for a range of fraud-related offences and the daughter is at risk of being deported back to Pakistan.

Not surprisingly, the Best Western chain have severed ties with the motel.

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