Wednesday, March 21, 2012

New Zealand Social Media

Social media is playing a greater role in sharing ideas and influencing change, but how many more room nights will be sold by an accommodation provider's active participation in Blogs, Facebook, Twitter et al...?

Many more tourism businesses will be adding to the noise on social networks this year while trying to figure out how this medium can give measurable returns... will their efforts be rewarded or will the proven benefits of mainstream media shine through?

You've probably been overloaded with those mind-blowing social media presentations on YouTube. They all have a catchy, cool throbbing base soundtrack and amaze you with all those incredibly scary facts about the importance and rapidly changing influence of social media.

The Social Media Revolution series is probably the most popular, but it gives an American/ world view.

At last there's a New Zealand version that gives social media some Kiwi context and as the clever producers state: "naturally this will be out of date by the time you watch it... ;)"

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