Sunday, March 11, 2012

Having An Affair? Stay Here!

Unfortunately, the American old-school motel culture of the marque motel sign has never caught on in New Zealand.

As a fan of roadside architecture, a perverse side of me would like to see Kiwi moteliers regularly arranging tacky plastic lettering on roadside signboards to share with the world their latest quirky thoughts and offerings (excluding tariff offers, of course).

There are some classic examples of these signs attracting attention (sometimes for the wrong reasons). 

Dave, the owner of the, Aladdin Motor Inn recently decided to come up with something a little different when he set about his weekly chore of arranging letters on his roadside marque sign outside his motel. He came up with the message: “Having an affair?” and listed his motel's phone number.

Hilariously, it looks like many of the good-old straight-laced folk in the sleepy city of Sonora in California don't possess a sense of humour and take things a little too literally. It's kind'a quaint that they got a tad upset with Dave's motel sign by apparently believing he was aiding and abetting unchristian-like activity.

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