Thursday, July 18, 2013

Customer Special Request

When making an online accommodation booking, customers follow a reasonably standard form that requires them to enter arrival/departure dates, room type, name, address etc...and a section for comments or special requests that can be entered free-form.

More often than not the special request section of the reservation process is ignored by the customer, however some use this to communicate dietary requirements, late arrival or a preference for a ground-floor room, away from the road, non-smoking etc...

These preferences are not guaranteed and it is generally understood that they are to be treated by the accommodation provider on a "best endeavors" basis.

The Woodlands Resort and Conference Center, Texas are committed to customer service. On their website, they boldly state:
" grant even the most challenging of requests" 
So when a mischievous customer booked online and completed the special request section on their website, this is what he asked for:

Was the hotel up to the task?

Yep, they nailed it!

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