Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Dramatic 100 MPH Motel Crash

Security cameras used to be rare specialist kit and extremely expensive.

In these modern times, entire CCTV systems have become readily available consumer items with attractive pricing.

It is now possible for the average pragmatic motelier to head down to their local electronics store in the morning, make an off-the-shelf purchase and by the afternoon have a fully working CCTV system operating at their motel.

Besides the security aspect, an added bonus of cameras operating is the opportunity to capture on film moments of human stupidity.

We've posted before about a car that lost control and catapulted another car into a motel swimming pool.

And now a motel security camera has captured more dramatic footage:
 "A Toledo, Ohio, man said he feels like he "cheated death" after a van traveling 100 mph slammed into a motel room where he and his pregnant girlfriend were staying.

Adrian Smith and his girlfriend, Rochelle Watson, were asleep in their room at the Crown Inn Motel in Toledo Sunday around 11:30 a.m. when Smith got up to use the bathroom, he told ABCNews.com. But after leaving the bathroom, Smith said he heard "a big boom" that knocked him to the ground.

"I thought the motel room exploded," he said. "[The crash] threw me back. Everything pushed forward my way: the dressers, the tables, the air conditioner."

Smith said the SUV that crashed into the motel also knocked Watson to the floor. She is eight months pregnant.

The driver, 32-year-old Thomas Wallace of Temperance, Mich., was traveling more than 100 mph when he ran a red light and hit two other vehicles before losing control of his car, police told ABC News Toledo affiliate WTVG-TV

Wallace hit a light pole and then smashed into the motel.

Police do not believe alcohol was a factor in the crash, WTGV-TV reported.

"We were trapped in the room, we couldn't get out," Smith said. "They had to knock the wall down in the next room [so we could leave]."

Crown Inn Motel manager Arvind Patel told ABCNews.com, "I was worried about the pregnant woman, but no one was injured. It was a miracle."

Patel said three rooms were damaged from the crash, but Smith and Watson's room bore the brunt of the damage. He said he relocated all guests affected by the crash to other rooms in the motel.

Smith said he and Watson went to Mercy St. Vincent Medical Center in Toledo after the crash. He was discharged Sunday night, but said Watson was still receiving care.

"Someone was praying for us," Smith said. "We missed it by a second."

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