Friday, July 5, 2013

The 10 worst types of air passengers

OK, so travel isn't all about relaxation, romance and having fun!

Unfortunately, air travel is now accessible to the masses, so getting to your destination often means getting close-and-personal with annoying people. have listed their 10 worst passenger types, which include people with bad personal hygiene and armrest hogs. Seat recliners and travellers who let their kids run amok tied for top position in the poll, which also includes passengers who never stop talking.

I think I've met most of these folk:

=1. People with uncontrollable kids (Parentus Slapdashii)
=1. Seat recliners (Reclinus Maximus)
3. Smelly people (Smellus Incredibilus)
4. Arm rest hogs (Armrest Grabbis)
5. Chatty passengers (Chatticus Majorus)
6. People who always need the bathroom (Bladder Incredibilus)
7. People with too much carry-on luggage (Carry-on Greedicus)
8. Reading-light enthusiasts (High-and-Mighticus)
9. People who pace the cabin or stretch too often (DVT-Avoidus)
10. Window seat hogs who close the window shade before take off (Window Hoggus)

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