Friday, July 26, 2013

Top 10 Incredibly Unique Accommodation

Thanks to Trip Advisor, we've plagiarised their list of unique accommodation options.

This is a great resource for those travellers looking for an alternative places to stay as a backdrop for those quirky Facebook holiday snaps:

Ecocamp PatagoniaTorres del Paine, Chile Eco-friendly domes in Patagonia
"Rugged luxury like you couldn't imagine... The domes were cozy and the perfect size. I loved listening to the rain..."
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"This place was so beautiful inside... you would not believe it was a cave except for the walls - which made it so cool."
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"Could not be more pleased with the magic of the experience. Located majestically like a small village above the sea…"
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Brussels Welcome HotelBrussels, Belgium Choose from 17 country-themed rooms
"The rooms do not have numbers, they are distinguished by themes... Themes included Egypt, Congo, Cuba, etc."
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Hotel Palacio de SalUyuni, Bolivia A hotel built from salt
"Of course to prove that everything was made of salt we, like probably hundreds of others, had to lick a few objects."
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Source: Thanks to TripAdvisor

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