Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Motels - Stop Making Excuses

Unfortunately the motel industry often needs to look outside its own for good grounded commentary.

If we ignore the mandatory opening tourism slang salutation, the latest Tourism Property Brokers newsletter offers moteliers some good advice:
Kia Ora,

This month’s newsletter is all about Quality Communication and how relevant and important this is to the success of a Tourism business. Whether it’s a new business, change in direction or moving into a market and more importantly the use of Social Media.

Moteliers are learning how to move with the times and to stop making excuses as to why not to use Trip Advisor:-
  • The reviews are false.
  • It's too time-consuming.
  • I do not know how to respond/I do not know how to use TripAdvisor.
  • I want to prevent new issues rather than deal with old ones.
  • I do not have the language skills.
A lot of Moteliers do not respond/communicate or even 'bury their heads in the sand' because they have heard horror stories from other Moteliers, and quite simply have a fear of the Trip Advisor site - either from lack of skill, fear of negative reviews or lack of awareness of the power of the reviews.

Communication is a powerful tool and a response says more about your customer care than all the great reviews people have written about your Motel!
It's refreshing to have a rest from the tiresome self-generating hysteria and conspiracy theories circulating within the motel industry about TripAdvisor.  

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