Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Barney's Motel

Barney's Motel is a nondescript 70's motel situated just off Highway 1, Brandon, Canada. Amenities include: Maid service, coffee/tea maker, telephone, television and air-con. Sounds great!

We would have loved to linked to their website www.barneysmotel.com, however it would appear that this is no longer operating. We can only assume that the property is still trading. The last time the Google Street View Car cruised past the motel it was a glorious day and the car park seemed to have a few guests' cars parked outside (see picture below).

In the motel industry you have to have a sense of humour and those that don't never seem to last too long.

Barney's Motel has been used in several marketing case studies to demonstrate the benefits of using humour in a business and how it can become a successful formula to overcome obvious shortcomings.

Barney's Motel has shortcomings. In fact, it would appear that the current management's business plan is to simply defer a visit from a wrecking ball. 

In a world where we can take ourselves too seriously, the story of Barney's Motel using extremes to ram home a simple philosophy makes interesting reading. Click HERE to read more.

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