Thursday, March 18, 2010

Body Found Under Hotel Mattress

Nestled in the middle of an industrial wasteland and within a few miles of the Memphis International Airport is the Budget Lodge of Memphis.

This stark 1970s development has 240 "clean rooms, dirt cheap!" They offer discounts for pre-payment, the longer you pay in advance, the better your rate. Pets are welcome and amenities include a pool, restaurant, and cable TV with Showtime.

Upon first inspection, you would think that this would be an ideal base to visit Graceland located nearby.

..Er maybe not. One unfortunate soul describes their stay:
This place is just awful! Dirty, smelly, in the flight path of FED-EX corporate runway. Located in a bad neighborhood with seedy clubs and industrial clutter!
So, what's so special about this unremarkable hotel.

Well, this hotel will now always be remembered as the place where a "Missing woman was found dead under a hotel mattress".

In room 222, the body of a female was located under the hotel mattress after a hotel employee was alerted to a bad odor. It was estimated that while the body was under the bed, the room had been rented approximately 5 times and cleaned by the hotel staff on numerous occasions.  


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