Friday, March 19, 2010

Power Of Blogs

To completely understand the psychology of a blogger would probably be the subject for a life's work for a small team of psychologists.

One small aspect of a blogger's trait is a compulsive disorder of being fascinated with their blog's visitor numbers. Some bloggers will admit to this addiction, while others will pretend that they have no interest.

This morning while looking at the visitor stats for "Motella" I was surprised that the numbers of our unique viewers had spiked well over 100-fold what we would normally expect over a 24-hour period.

Why was that?

Well, it related to a post we did late last night on Body Found Under Hotel Mattress. Thousands of people have been captivated by this macabre story and have taken to Google to find out more.

Even thinking about how Google work out their search algorithms gives us a headache, however if you look at the screen-shot below you will see that our story was placed number 3 on Google for the search "body found in mattress." Our post has also been highly placed in other similar searches.
We see this happen time and time again with our posts on Motella and our motel blogs to a greater or lesser extent. What we know from our experience is that Google treats blog posts as vital and relevant information by accelerating their prominence up search rankings.

What amazes us is the speed that this happens. Once a post on a blog is published, it is possible to see a link to it sitting on top of search rankings very soon after.

With Twitter and Facebook posts now being included in search, the power of social networks is remarkable and we can reach a vast audience and share an idea or opinion very quickly.

Sort'a makes us think that we should be focusing more time on our blogs for our motel businesses...

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