Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Down To The Doctors

After suffering from a recent bout of illness and receiving nagging encouragement from my wife, I finally decided to get the flu-jab.

It is something I have never done before. This probably due to my phobias of needles, pain and mingling with sick people, however it seems such an obvious and natural thing that a self-employed person should do. Once they get around to it...

After a quick phone call to a nearby medical centre I was urged to simply turn up and they would give me a jab on the spot. Too easy!

When I arrived, sure enough the waiting room was full of sick people, so I only breathed in when necessary and quickly made my way to the furthermost empty corner to inspect an ancient "Wheels" magazine.

After waiting less than 2-minutes, I was summoned to a side room and strode past the waiting sick masses that were glaring at me, wondering why I should be allowed to jump to queue.

I was surprised that I was asked several times if I was aware that this procedure would incur a charge. I asked the nurse afterward why was that? Well, apparently I was her first patient ever to pay for the flu-jab. All other folk are either paid for by their employer or get it for "free" because they are medically at risk (whatever that means?) or are aged over 65.

Only goes to prove that people are only too willing to take on self-responsibility as long as others are paying for it!

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