Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Letterman Invite

John Dybvig is originally from San Fancisco and made New Zealand his home in 1982. He has profile as a sports commentator and pops up on television from time to time.

John Dybvig is loud and brash, so he sorta stands out in the land of the mono-tone.

We like his campaign to try and entice David Letterman to visit New Zealand for the RWC in 2011. There doesn't seem to be ulterior motive to do this (other than self-publicity) and we like to think that this is a genuine attempt to make something big happen via social networks. And besides, we like people with foreign accents saying nice things about us.

To be fair, it would appear that the campaign that has been running for at least 7-months with its series of on-line videos has had modest success. Hopefully, the spot on TVNZ's Close Up this evening will increase the pace of the campaign somewhat?

So how did John Key become involved? According to John Dybvig, he happened to met him unexpectedly at Starbucks. Go figure? Makes a great story though - Proving that anyone in quaint little old NZ can met the PM and he will take part in a wacky promotional video giving his best cheesy grin.

Do you really think that Letterman would like a repeat performance after hosting our "smile and wave" PM during the Top-10 segment of his show? If anyone can do it, we reckon John Dybvig just might have an outside chance...

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