Thursday, March 4, 2010

Motel Lip Dub

With cost-cutting very much still on the agenda in the commercial accommodation sector, innovative social media is increasingly used as a cost effective promotional tool.

We came across the video below from the Prizeotel that is a hotel located in Bremen, Germany. They describes themselves as a "budget designer hotel" and judging by their cool website HERE they are no strangers to fresh innovation.

They have produced a simple 6-minute video that walks through the hotel while staff lip sync to Kool and the Gang's Celebrate Good Times. Sounds sorta silly, but believe it or not it is convincing by showcasing the hotel's quirkiness and connecting the viewer with some very passionate hotel staff!

This latest phenomenon (yeah we're using that word again) has even got a name: Lip Dub Video

We can see motels catching on to this new viral marketing technique and we encourage our fellow moteliers to gather friends, family, staff and a few bewildered guests to create their own Lip Dub Video. 

And of course send us a copy so that we can have a laugh assist with the viral marketing distribution process...

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