Saturday, March 6, 2010

Hotel Toilet Promotion

Maybe competitions that offer the chance of winning cash prizes, exotic cars or holidays just aren't as enticing as they used to be?

The Miyako Hybrid Hotel have decided to do something about it and are offering a prize that people really desire. As part of their opening promotion, the hotel is giving away one of their hotel toilets. This is just not any toilet - it's a Japanese made HI-3001 WT "Feel Fresh" Bidet n' Wash Hygiene System. The toilet, which retails for about $USD 299.95, features a push button control panel, warm water wash, twin spray nozzles, and comfortable heated seat.

Oh-Boy! Once you try one of these bad-boys how would you then cope with a more mundane model? 

To win your own ultimate throne, become a fan of the hotel on Facebook and you are automatically entered in the contest - we have!

Apparently entries are trickling in;-)

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