Friday, March 19, 2010

Motel Drains

We receive a lot of emails from our dear readers and this one caught our eye this morning:

On your Contact page

you ask for any suggested content.

Do you have any stories about clogged drains? We couldn't find any on your blog.

We are a company starting to market a means to prevent clogged drains and would like some real-life stories, please. If you do not have any, perhaps you could ask for some on your blog? Should be entertaining / informative ! Thank you.

Our website is:


Susan Wilson

Well, we are somewhat embarrassed that we haven't managed to cover clogged drains in our vast body of work...yet.

I must admit that I spent some time reading FOG-Catcher Limited's very informative website while contemplating the state of my drains.

Alas, we are unable to offer any real-life entertaining and informative drain-clogging stories.

Can anyone else help?

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