Saturday, July 31, 2010

Best Motel/Hotel Movie Scenes? Part 1

Some of you sent us some uncomplimentary feedback from what we considered a classic motel scene in a recent post. 

So, we have done some intensive research and after an exhaustive 2-minute Google search we have found the survey results of the "Top 10 Best Motel/Hotel Movie Scenes compiled by hotel company Travelodge from more than 3,000 respondents. We have added some movie footage for good measure.

So, what are the "Top 10 Best Motel/Hotel Movie Scenes?" The results may surprise you.

In order to add to the suspense, we will be drawing this out one out by counting down to the number 1 best scene over several posts starting with:

Number 10. Pulp Fiction - Bruce Willis has a conversation with his girlfriend about her “pot belly” at the River Glen Motel.

9. Trainspotting - Ewan McGregor begins his runaway with a bag of cash

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