Wednesday, July 21, 2010

A Lesson in Self-Promotion

Lisa Lewis is a shameless self-promoter and a friend of the Motella Blog.

The tourism industry can learn a lesson from Lisa's professional dedication, manipulation of the mainstream media and her clever use of various networking platforms on the internet for promotion.

With Lisa, it seems most things are for sale and we are following closely one her her most prized possessions up for offer on TradeMe - A bitch'n black Holden v8 ute emblazoned with purple lightning graphics. The auction winner will have the pleasure of Lisa personally delivering the black beast.

We reckon this is the perfect vehicle for moteliers to use to pick up those essential motel supplies from the local cash'n carry. Better be quick, the auction HERE closes this Saturday.

In order for viewers to inspect the car in greater detail, Lisa has kindly provided a short video of her time at the carwash giving the ute its final going over.

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