Saturday, July 31, 2010

Host of the Year Winner

One highlight of the Motel Association of New Zealand (MANZ) Conference is the Saturday gala night announcement of the AA Supreme Host of the Year Award. 

Moteliers are traditionally a reserved lot, so this award is an opportunity for them to gather, celebrate and pay homage to those that a doing that little bit extra in providing excellent quality customer service. 

This is the Academy Award for moteliers that exceed guests' expectations beyond the call of duty.

What we like about this award is that it unashamedly singles out a high achiever above all others and recognises the motel industry's biggest point of difference - the hosts. The award underlines that motels are part of the "hospitality industry" and the way they provide customer service and host their guests sets them apart from the scrum of other accommodation providers. 

The AA Supreme Host of the Year promotes the importance of the human element in the motel experience. It is a tremendous feel-good opportunity to record and recognise great deeds in hospitality. We like that.

So as an exclusive, sourced by a tweet from this evening's award ceremony, this year's winner of the AA Supreme Host of the Year Award are:
 Hat tip: John Gilbertson

Murray and Phillippa Brown from Abbey Travel Lodge Motel in Hamilton, we offer our hearty congratulations!

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