Friday, July 30, 2010

The Shagwell Mansions Hotel

The great thing about the internet is that from time to time you come across some real inspiration.

Like us, I am sure that you have often wondered what happens when Aussie culture is delicately blended with Thai culture?

Well dear readers, we have stumbled upon the answer! The appropriately named Shagwell  Mansions Hotel is located somewhere in Thailand, only a few minutes from a large shopping mall and a beach. The 62 room budget hotel offers the best of Australia with good old Aussie grub, Fosters larger on tap, pokies, televised horse racing and more!

Thailand culture is of course not forgotten and can be sampled with the assistance of the friendly, helpful nubile Asian woman that strangely seem to be in abundance within the complex.

Looks like a great accommodation concept - we hope it catches on!


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