Monday, November 16, 2009

A Caravan Has Its Place

My daughter has just come home yesterday from a weekend with friends, staying in....a caravan!

Regular readers of this blog will appreciate my intolerance for caravans and I  was most concerned on how my daughter would cope with this new experience. To be truthful, my biggest fear was that Miss-11-year old would actually enjoy it! She arrived home sunburnt, extremely tired and frightfully grumpy. After having her first wash in 2-days she dragged herself off to bed. All my initial fears were completely unfounded.

Hosts from the popular television series, Top Gear enjoy boys-own antics that mainly involve copious burning of fossil fuels, the unapologetic passion for the motor car...and a disdain for caravans. 

We like that.

Richard Hammond has recently released an interactive DVD where the viewer is rewarded at the end with the chance to blow up a caravan. Worth considering as a Christmas stocking filler for the kids.

Jeremy Clarkson has been so outspoken about the blight of caravans that he has been stalked by disgruntled members from the the UK Caravan Society that have set up a protests outside his show at Birmingham,  handing out stickers saying "Hate Clarkson Love Caravans". Jeremy's response? “What have caravanners got against Kelly Clarkson?”

Meanwhile in New Zealand we also have enlightened commentary on the scourge of caravan culture. Television host and car-nut, Paul Henry has been quoted: “Have you ever seen a caravan blow up? Oh, you can not get enough of watching caravans blow up. ..."

You just can't argue with logic like that!

W(h)anganui Mayor, Michael Laws is a man that has become infamous for saying what we all think, regularly ridicules caravans and has added: "Holiday parks are for people who can't afford motels."


As the weather warms, Kiwis are starting to think about how to spend their summer holidays. Progressive members of the public will be driving their cars between motels and not clogging up the highways and visually polluting the scenery with dingy mean-spirited caravans.

Just to prove that us folks at "Motella" are not completely self-serving, we are happy to demonstrate a caravan activity that we thoroughly approve of:

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