Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Motel Lost Property

I came across an interesting news article about a how a doctor left marijuana behind at a motel room that was discovered by housekeeping staff. The doctor was named and shamed in the local newspaper. The article with a trail of the doctor's excuses along with public reaction can be read HERE

This reminds me of when one of our housekeeping staff came across an enormous bag of weed in one of our motel units many years ago. Work came to a standstill as all staff gathered around to inspect the bounty. We ended up ringing the police to come and pick the bag up and we were informed in a matter of fact way by the officer that the the bag was a "dealers bag". Essentially this meant that it was so big that it must have been for supply.

I can still remember the reaction of one particular staff member that could not take her eyes off the bag and the look of sorrow and despair as the policeman drove out the motel driveway with the contraband safely stowed away.

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