Saturday, November 7, 2009

Motel PMS

Having problems with your PMS?

A New Zealand motel that experienced difficulties with their "Callista" Property Management System (PMS) ended up having their system go off-line for 5-hours while techs attempted to resolve the problem.

At some stage, the relationship between the motel and Callista degenerated and things got rather heated. The motel decided to share their experience on Facebook and one of several posts went like this:

"Had a major problem with our PMS yesterday (Callista). Their tech managed to mess us up majorly, we ended up being offline for 5 hours on a very busy day....and the outcome, they have come out firing at us with both barrells and blaming us for everything from the system outage to global warming. Go figure. Watch out when dealing with Callista, very, very unprofessional!!! We are now looking to change PMS suppliers!"
Callista had the opportunity to respond on Facebook, however decided to post a curt one-liner:
"Our recorded transcript tells the whole story."
Soon after, the motel's Callista contact committed the ultimate snub and promptly de-friended the motel on Facebook! Oh the humanity!! 

We do not intend to apportion blame as we will never know what exactly went down, however we can understand the frustrations experienced by the motel with a seemingly indifferent PMS supplier. We've been there ourselves.

What is clear is that the customer has been left extremely dissatisfied and Callista could have handled this very differently, especially when given the opportunity to respond on a social networking platform. 

Begs the question: Has other accommodation businesses experienced similar issues with their PMS provider?

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