Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Spice up your website or blog

Running a blog is a lot like running a motel. Back of house is in a constant state of productive flux while the front of house always appears to be sparkling and serene.

Our Motella Engineering Department has been hard at work and we are pleased to announce that we have improved the "Motella Panoramic Slideshow Widget" as pictured below. It is pleasing to see this appearing on other blogs and websites.

Why not spice up your website or blog and increase traffic by adding this dynamic featureThe Motella Panoramic Slideshow Widget will make your website or blog update "every day" with fresh new content. And we are giving it way FREE.

Make you
r online presence more engaging and enjoyable, giving your readers another reason to return often.          

For instructions, simply: CLICK HERE

Click the "Get Widget" link below to place this widget on your website or blog!