Sunday, November 15, 2009

Guest complaint to hotel via Twitter

An interesting situation played out on Twitter this afternoon between a hotel guest and Hyatt hotels.

A weary traveler checks into the Hyatt San Francisco, finds a cockroach on his bed and tweets about his discovery including links to a photo and video of the crime scene with a mention to @HyattConcierge

@HyattConcierge is a central Twitter account monitored 24/7 by Hyatt staff and assists with typical concierge services like spa appointments, golf outings, dinner reservations...and guest complaints. 

In very quick time @HyattConcierge contacted the concierge at the local hotel that satisfied the guest by transferring him to another room and sweetened the deal by offering Hyatt's Club Level access.

We suspect that @HyattConcierge will be offering further compensation for the guest's harrowing find that was played out on social networks.

Well done Hyatt, that has identified the need to monitor and create a channel for guests to interact via a social network.

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